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Transformation journey – from software challenges to a seamless Online Banking system. Discover how they overcame obstacles to achieving success

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During the implementation of the Etamoney bank project, the bank’s management faced challenges in expanding the functionality of the banking operations system. The software used by the bank did not cover the required banking operations in various currencies, did not fully automate tariff and commission management, AML control, corporate banking card functionality, lacked seamless integration with the existing financial accounting system of the bank, and also lacked a financial reporting system.

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The estimated cost of enhancing the banking information system based on the technical specification exceeded the planned budget, and the project delivery timelines were unpredictable. As part of the consulting work carried out, the bank’s management made the decision to replace the existing software with the ReactivePay Online Banking system with the aim of putting the system into operation within a year or less. This decision also aimed to enable rapid scalability of the system to subsidiary financial structures, rapid development of new functionality, including the deployment of crypto banking, and uninterrupted technical support.

The installation, configuration, and customization of the Online Banking system were performed by Reactivepay staff within the agreed-upon timeframe. Additionally, integrations with two banks were set up, tariff management functionality was configured, and the AML service, ledger block, business processes, user roles, work with banking cards, and reporting were all tailored to the bank’s requirements.The Online Banking system has been deployed for industrial use, and its functionality operates without issues. The staff of Reactivepay Tech effectively provides technical support.

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