Bank account API
ReactivePay provides a seamless API endpoint for your online banking apps. Using the bank account API you can add the following functions to your banking app:

  • Opening bank account (IBAN);
  • Customer acquisition process (profiling, login, registration);
  • Customer Due Diligence checks and KYC procedures;
  • Account validation and screening;
  • Multi-currency bank account management;
  • Setting up account opening fees and commissions.
To know more please refer to ReactivePay API docs

Fund transfer API
Using fund transfer API you can deliver your customers inter and intra bank SEPA and SWIFT money transferring options such as:

  • Transferring funds between intra-system accounts and customers (accounts which are registered within your banking app)
  • Transferring funds between inter-system accounts and customers (accounts which are not registered within your online banking app)
  • Money exchange between intra-accounts;
  • Scheduled and reoccurring transfers and payments.

To know more please refer to ReactivePay API docs
Customer Due Diligence API (KYC checks)
Using customer due diligence api you will be able to:

  • Collect pre-defined or custom client data (required by your local regulator and monetary authority);
  • Validate the profile and personal data by 3d parties or local authority-approved service providers;
  • Perform profile screening procedures against sanction and FATF list as well as payment system blacklists;
  • Pre-moderate customer validation.

To know more please refer to ReactivePay API docs
Online banking API
ReactivePay provides a comprehensive list of functions necessary to start accepting payments by your business/corporate clients and merchants, we have built-in integrations with market online banking leaders. By accessing this part of the API you will access the following functions:

  • Invoicing and checkout web/mobile widget;
  • Debit/Credit bank card processing (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc);
  • Multiple payment options (providers: WeChat, AliPay, China UnionPay, PayPal, etc)
  • Payment notifications and web-hooks;
  • Refund, Dispute, Settlement processing;
  • Adjusting commission service;
Fraud prevention
and payment monitoring API
We provide an API for a number of payment filtering services and rules, which helps you to clean your traffic and filter fraudulent or potentially fraudulent payment requests:

  • UI and API for adjusting and administering filtering rules and settings;
  • Basic validation and request check functions along with risk-score assignment;
  • Statistic-based filters (based on numbers of declined/approved/blocked requests);
  • On-going monitoring reports and alerts;
  • Machine learning score assignment based on historical payment request data;
Analytics and dashboards
  • Operational level reports;
  • Management level reports;
  • On-going monitoring;
  • Conversion and deep analytic data reports;
  • Various report builders and metric constructor;
Using payout API and bulk/massive payout batch requests gives you and option to facilitate your customers with regular/scheduled payments and keep them confident and trustworthy about your service:

  • Single automatic/pre-moderated payouts to a bank account/card or any other provider;
  • Batch and scheduled mass payouts;
  • Rolling reserve and financial reserve settings and policies
Open architecture
and developer community
We have a central repository and open source version of all of our services available. For the subscribers (hosted solution only) we have a central repository of the code and each customer is available to clone it to its private one as well as take or commit all the changes to the central repository. This development process gives everyone the benefit of continuously improving a system that is supported by multiple development teams which are using this source code.

Hosted solution

If you decide to host your own online banking solution then you have to apply for Hosted solution support.
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To do this:
Send email to our customer support service desk
We'll perform due diligence and on-boarding procedures and send you quotations
Having hosted solution access grants you the following:
Access to the main repository with fork and clone options

Our team development services
Our consultancy service and access to the private TG groups with the team members
Our help with third party integration development
Access to our HR network and tech individuals that you can hire for a permanent job within your company or project
Necessary certification support and consultancy
Core team
Use cases
eGlobal use ReactivePay Online banking API with Open Architecture for the creation of modern financial technology platform that meets today's market challenges.
Based on ReactivePay core functions eGlobal has implemented an omni-channel online banking hub for Chinese customers and businesses. We developed basic features for online-banking services and integrated with 3d party compliance providers as well as with FCA regulated EMI company account and money transferring facilities. FlexyGuard solution protects eGlobal business from fraudulent payment traffic and secures it from any financial crimes.
WireCapital acts as a Payment Service Provider (PSP). The company's processing system is fully certified by «PCI DSS Level 1» security standard as «Level 1 as Payment Gateway/Switch/Internet Online banking and Clearing and Settlement».
ReactivePay facilitates company's core business and was deployed as a core service for transaction processing and client on-boarding procedure. The following modules were successfully integrated and currently widely used across company business processes and day-to-day operations: FlexyGuard payment traffic filtering service, FlexyCommission - providing multiple-layer commission structure for internal cash-flow.
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