Crypto Banking

Crypto Banking

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Qiuntex is also a system that allows you to use the application to create personal customer accounts in BTC/ETH, in order to interact with cryptobanking service providers. It also provides a seamless API endpoint for your online banking apps. It has integration with cryptoproviders that allow the client to interact with cryptocurrency.

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Crypto Dashboard

The personal page is designed to display account information, wallet balance information, event summaries, various parameters and the market rate.

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Replenishment Of Cryptocurrency Wallets Image

Replenishment Of Cryptocurrency Wallets

The cryptocurrency wallet replenishment page allows you to top up your wallet via a QR code or using a BTC/ETH account number.

Crypto Withdraw

The functionality with additional 2FA protection (face scanning) for withdrawal transactions saves a list of cryptocurrencies for future convenient withdrawal requests.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange

An exchange that allows you to exchange your cryptocurrencies for fiat or vice versa. The exact exchange rate at the time of application is displayed, and the transaction fee is calculated (can be managed).

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