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Future of Cash

Is the payment world of the future cashless? With the rise of online payment systems, digital currencies, and online banking, it sure seems like it. But, what does that future consist of? Well, that’s what we will be discussing today.

What Lies in the Future of Payments: How to Adapt

The world of payments is continuously changing as technology advances, which comes as no surprise. And, with so many new advancements happening, the future of payment technology might seem rather unclear.

Know your customer checklist

KYC procedures will slightly differ from business to business, as they do with various financial institutions and services. For example, a FinTech Know Your Customer procedure might differ slightly from one performed by a broker, due to them being different institutions.

What Does Know Your Customer (KYC) Mean in Banking?

The (KYC) Know Your Customer definition defines the phrase as a set of regulatory standards used in the finance industry to verify the identity of a customer or a client. The main purpose of the Know Your Customer rule is to stop certain illegal activities from occurring.

What Is Internet Acquiring Explained

E-commerce and online payments have become such an integral part of our lives that we often find it hard to imagine we functioned without them just a couple of decades ago. However, while we, as customers, enjoy the convenience of online purchases, things are not as simple.

Best Open Banking Apis

The idea of open banking was introduced in 2008, but the process wasn’t explored until later. But what are open banking API services? The primary goal of open banking is to allow the sharing of financial data between banks and third parties. 

What is Open Banking Api

Have you ever heard of open banking? What is it and how will it affect the future of finances? The idea behind open API for banking is quite interesting, and it opens a whole new world of possibilities. However, many people are not aware of its true potential. 

How is an Online bank different from a retail bank

How Is an Online Bank Different From a Retail Bank.Constant technological innovations and digitization have not skipped the banking industry. Consequently, retail banks have found a worthy opponent in the form of online banking platforms.

Is Online Banking safe

But are online banks trustworthy? Online banks take similar precautions, only in the digital world. These platforms implement multi-layered encryption, feature authentication protocols, set up firewalls, and rely on other safety measures to protect users and their data.

What is Online Banking

Online banking, also known as Internet banking, is a modern banking system provided by banks and other forms of financial institutions that allows clients to execute financial transactions and manage their finances remotely, that is, via the Internet.