Payment Gateways

How to Add a Payment Method to Your Website

A payment gateway is a technology that enables online businesses to receive and handle diverse electronic payment methods on their websites. Essentially, it is an intermediary between the merchant and the customer’s preferred payment network.

Crypto Payment Gateway

What are crypto payment gateways?A crypto gateway is a service that will allow merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. In the past couple of years, more and more businesses have been exploring this option, and it is always good to have multiple payment methods. 

Payment Orchestration vs. Payment Gateway

In a day and age where almost everything can be purchased with a few clicks on a screen, online payments have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you’re buying a new gadget, ordering food, or subscribing to streaming services, you’re likely using some form of online payment. However, behind the scenes, there Payment Orchestration vs. Payment Gateway

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway With Your Ecommerce Website

Nowadays, the term payment gateway often gets tossed around. So, to embark on our journey of understanding payment gateway integration, we first need to grasp the fundamental concept of what an ecommerce payment gateway is.