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About ReactivePay

Reactive Pay is an intelligent payment solutions platform offering end-to-end digital finance architecture.


Reactive Pay has developed advanced solutions for all digital finance needs a payment-based business may have. With a single platform offering everything from KYC, Anti-fraud protection, payment monitoring, payment processing, user dashboards, neo-banking services, crypto finance solutions, analytics, and commission systems, you can streamline and optimize your payment architecture and reduce operational costs.Advanced, intelligent, reliable, and transparent


Our goal is to become your reliable business partner, not only by providing the solutions you need today , but also by proactively developing new integration options for you using cutting-edge technologies. We see a future where consumers and businesses shift from legacy systems and adopt cardless instant payments.






transparent financial solutions company oriented towards bringing forth the era of intelligent finance.


Vladimir Kovalevskii is an experienced CEO and entrepreneur, currently leading ReactivePay, an online payment system catering specifically to the needs of financial institutions, banks, and payment service providers (PSPs). Under his guidance, a talented team of developers and blockchain experts collaborates with private investment and hi-tech companies. With over 15 years of software development experience in finance, fintech, and e-commerce, Vladimir has held management positions in various companies. Before founding ReactivePay, he co-founded X2 project (X-SQUARED), where he played a crucial role in developing a telegram-based digital asset exchange bot. In addition, he served as a technical expert and advisor for a Private Investment Fund in the APAC region, providing valuable technical expertise and advisory support. Throughout his career, Vladimir has also held management roles in companies such as CardPay Ltd and OnlinePay.com, where he focused on product development and ensuring secure transactions. Payment system catering specifically to the needs of financial institutions, banks, and payment service providers (PSPs).

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